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AgroBIT Brasil 2019: Conference report

Conference summary of AgroBIT 2019

For two days from November 12th to 13th, we participated in AgroBIT Brasil 2019“, one of the largest agri-tech conferences in Brazil, sponsored by the local government of Parana State (supported by other agricultural companies, etc.). Continuing from last year, +2,500 participants from about 100 cities and +70 agri-tech companies gathered for active networking with aiming further innovation in smart farming.


Brazil Venture Capital joined a panel discussion on “International Ecosystem and Fund in Agri-tech”. We exchanged opinions with Mr. Tsumanuma of Smart Value Investment, who served as the moderator, etc. on the international ecosystems of the agri-tech, market opportunity in Brazil, and challenges that support it.

Panel discussion by Brazil Venture Capital


In addition, we could networking with several leading agri-techs, then it was a meaningful conference. We would like to continuously approach the agri-tech market through participation in and participation in related events.

Networking with leading agri-techs


Diversified programs for smart farms & agri-techs etc.


Demonstration of smart farming


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—An Important Invitation—

On Friday, November 22, the 2nd Brazil Japan Startup Forum 2019 will be held in Sao Paulo.

This is a valuable opportunity to get close to the various startups and businesses featured in Brazil and Japan.

Please do not miss it!

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